Design & Consulting.

Demystify the world of telecoms, evaluate your options, and transform a vision into reality.

Design and Architecture Services

With years of experience across architecture, development and operation of innovative solutions for service providers, mobile operators and telecoms, below are a number of the services that we can provide design and consultancy support for your next project.


Creating always-on, efficient and scalable connectivity to underpin the Internet of Things.


Launch innovative brands and services over the top of established operators and roaming footprints.

Core Network

Building self-hosted or cloud native environments to support telecoms and service provider infrastructures.

SS7 / Diameter

Experts in signalling network design, interworking and innovation to power your project

Multi IMSI

Combining the footprint of global operators to improve coverage and reliability for critical services.

Software Architecture

Designing and scaling software to meet the unique demands of telecom usage patterns and services.

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Other Services

Solution Design

Turn a concept into reality, we provide a fresh pair of eyes and expert knowledge to intelligently navigate your options.

Bespoke Development

If existing solutions miss your vision, or you simply need a helping hand, we can aid with bespoke development services.

Telecom Operations

Maintaining and improving an ever-growing service comes with unique complexities, we provide a helping hand when needed.